Havana Grace

My name is Alina and I am the proud mother of two children. One amazing twelve year old boy and one autistic super star named Havana Grace.

She was born to show us the way, to be a bright and shining star down a path our family knew nothing about. To teach us compassion and show my son humility, that so many of us lack. As we look back, our journey has not been easy but the lessons have been invaluable. Our girl, Havana, is the glue that keeps our family together.

I was given the "Strength" key by a very dear friend, Andrea. A friend who has been one of the most supportive people on my journey with my girl, Havana Grace. A friend who has given me more "Strength" than she will ever know.

I have been wearing my "Strength" key daily. As I walk through life, and meet ordinary people, whose struggle with everyday problems, I knew that today was the day that Havana's teacher was in need of my "Strength" Giving Key.