BRAVE - ready to face and endure danger or pain; showing courage

My husband gave me the “brave” key this past Christmas. Brave to face IVF, brave to face fears, brave to trust Jesus again, brave to know that God has it. Brave to try for pregnancy in a new way. I was reminded that in Christ I can be brave.

We were preparing for IVF on January 21 with another appointment at our fertility clinic, which if anyone has had to endure this, you know you need bravery. We left that day in tears feeling like a family would really never be. That night we prayed together agreeing that God is good and we trust him.

On January 27 we got a call, that a young birth mom picked us for adoption. We have been waiting for what seemed like years. And even more, that the baby girl was here! She was born on January 21. WHAT?! As we started to hear this baby girls story, we also heard the bravery of her birth momma.

She was brave. She chose bravery. She chose LIFE. In a time when we have choices to take and give life. I see her bravery. For a young woman who found herself pregnant at a time that was not what she wanted, she did consider - to take this life within her, as her world/circumstance was hard to face. This birth momma asked Jesus - and he told her it is only 9 months, and this little girl has a destiny. This birth momma changed her degree, changed her relationships, changed her mind and picked LIFE. She is brave.

On February 29th, I gave this birth momma my brave key, and she gave me her baby girl. I told her I think you have lived this word more than I ever will. She had already lived this word, but wanted her to know - you made a brave choice and now we are forever changed.

Don’t let our understanding be that which we stand on - making brave choices changes lives, and I am a changed life, I am a mother after years of struggle. Thank you brave birth momma.

God redeems all things, and He blesses those who are brave!
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