Courageous Kim

I am a very simple person. I have simple friends and a simple family. I have one very special and simple friend, her name is Kim.

Kim is one of the most intriguing and courageous people I know. She has made it her life goal to feed herself with worldly cultures and knowledge. She's gone out on her own to explore and temporarily live in other countries where she virtually knew no one. She's seen many different areas, landmarks, and even the cave where Zeus was buried!

Greece has been her latest venture, and I'm sure not her last. She deserves this "Courage" bracelet more than anyone I know, to symbolize all that she stands for. Feeding your mind, body, and soul with what the world has to offer takes COURAGE. So, I give this key to her in hopes it may travel near or far to someone else who needs that extra link of will-power and use it as a reminder of strength and courage.