This is Yours

I purchased a Leap Giving Key and did not have it for more than a week before I passed it along to my friend Chavis at work.

Chavis was leaving the job we worked at together to pursue his creative dream. He is now embarking on a three month journey through a theatre company and afterwards, he is not sure where his future will take him. He said he might have a couple things lined up, but he was scared to not know what was coming next and said that he might come back to the job we shared together.

At that moment, I took off my Leap key and put it around his neck. He said, "Aww thanks but I can't take this," and tried to give it back. I said, "No, this is yours now."

He looked at me confused and didn't understand why I was doing this. I then explained to him Giving Keys, showed him your website and then proceeded to explain to him the purpose of the Leap key and that it was never meant to be mine. I was just holding on to it until the right moment appeared to pass it along.

I look forward to following Chavis' journey and hope to not see him back at our job any time soon.

Unless you Leap, you will never soar. If you fall the first time, you will get back up and again you will soar but you never have a chance until you take that first Leap.

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