Finding the Courage to Move On

I have a key engraved with "COURAGE." If you knew me you would probably wonder why this is the key that found me, because I am pretty much game for anything.

These past 2 years, I have lost sight of that side of me. I went through a rough break up with who I feel is the love of my life. We had been together for 3 years. A ring was on my finger and a white dress was found, but no wedding. I have tried to let go, but he will say and do things to keep me holding on to the chance of maybe being back together one day. But part of me has also been scared to be with another, scared of putting myself out there again. Or scared of falling in love again just to get hurt.

I know now that I have to move on. I have to be happy again. I know looking down at the key, that I will one day love and trust another. One day I will love myself. I will be able to put myself out there. This little key will unlock my heart and give me the courage to let love back into my life again. I can't thank the woman who gave me this key enough. I don't even know her. She overheard me telling this story to my friend in a store and stopped me and gave me this key and told me I have to find the courage to move on before I can love again. 

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