Ever Since

I was given a Hope Giving Key by my neighbor. She gave it to me because my husband was struck by a hit and run driver when he was out riding his bike. He had to be airlifted to the hospital. My son answered the door when the police came to tell us. It was really touch and go.

This key brought me strength and HOPE for the future. After six weeks in the ICU, my husband was much more stable and we were talking about moving him out of the ICU.

A few days earlier, I met a mother who's son had been in a terrible accident. When eating dinner by myself in the hospital cafeteria, I realized I knew the person I needed to pass the key onto.

I went upstairs into the ICU family lounge. I explained to the mom that my friend had given me this key and when I found someone who needed Hope more than myself, I needed to pass it along. She has been wearing the necklace ever since.