Imagine It

My aunt gave me a "Love" key for my birthday. She explained The Giving Keys to me and why she chose me. She, then, told me to wear it and remember why she gave it to me; then pass it along to someone I feel should have it.

I have it passed it along to my friend, Sandra. She has more love and compassion for her family and friends than anyone I know. I was a recipient of that love.

Five years ago, I had a terrible accident. I won't go into detail, but Sandra was an angel for my husband and I throughout four surgeries and numerous other issues that came along with it.

I'm only one of many.

She devoted her time and love to her dear friend Vicki that recently passed away form cancer. She is devoting her time and love to her friend, Dean, who is currently struggling with progressive MS. She is devoting her time and love to her father, who is elderly and in need of help.

She is special and has more love to give than anyone I know.

Imagine it, and she has done it.