What We Do Matters

On March 22nd, 2016 my friend sent me a text and said she had something she wanted to give me.

I had a lot going on in my family. My son was in jail. My daughter was fighting to see her daughter, whom she had not seen in over two years, and my step daughter who lives with us was having a difficult time. To say that I was emotional was an understatement.

I met my friend later in the day and she gave me a Faith Giving Key. She explained to me how she got it and what it meant and that I was to have it for as long as I needed it or until I felt led to give the key to someone else, and to write my story once I no longer had the key.

On April 10th my daughter reunited with her daughter, my son came home and my stepdaughter found a group that she can talk out her issues with, that have been through the same thing and understand. I have faith.

My life has been one miracle after another, including meeting my soul mate in my forties. But when you are going through life struggles it is easy to grow weary. The Faith Key was just what I needed to remind me that I can trust that everything is how it should be.

A friend of mine has had a succession of events happen in her life. Her young daughter, has developed neurological problem that has rendered her paralyzed, with no logical explanation for what is causing it, and her son's father passed away. As I was praying for my friend it came to me that I should pass on the key.

Thursday I passed the Faith Key on to her. When I gave her the key and told her my story and how I came to possess it, I knew that the key was in the right hands.

Life is good. Stupid good. Sometimes we need a key to unlock a new chapter or to close an old one. I am so blessed to have been brought in to the Giving Key movement and I hope to continue to pass a long the message.

We should always have Faith, try to Inspire, and Believe that what we do matters.


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