Too Many Times


That is what she is.

No matter what life throws to her. She has taught her two daughters to be the same. Being one of those daughters, I share a story of how she has taught me.

What should I do if life doesn't always hand me the right cards? Give up? Or take the challenge head on?

Too many times have I had the opportunity just to give up and walk away, but instead I have kept on going. The same as my Mom has. Over and over again.

How do you become cancer free 20 years ago, and then have to do it all over again? When you are her, somehow you find the strength to do it.

I dedicate this key to my Mom. For always being there for me, even during her hardest times. For not letting life beat her down so much that she couldn't take care of me and my sister. For supporting us no matter what. For always making me realize that I have the strength within myself to do anything. I love you, Mom.