Believe and Embrace

I have just received my Inspire Giving Key from my son for Mother's day. That little key has such a big meaning and message for me.

You see that is really my heart's desire, to be an inspiration to someone. Even if it's just one someone. To inspire someone to dare to dream the dreams God has placed in their heart because they are there for a reason.

Live like it, do what you can to make them a reality, and leave the rest to Him. Realize our dreams don't stay the same through every season of our lives but can change as we change and He changes us. But the process doesn't..  be grateful, love people, stay passionate about life, believe and embrace God's goodness for us and trust him to do the rest. Get God's best. It's always better than ours.

I don't know who God will inspire me to give this little key to but for now I will wear it and love it and pray, just pray, that I have been a bit of an inspiration to the young man that gave it to me.