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The Hero and The Survivor

This is the most thoughtful gift I have ever received.

My dad was a Holocaust survivor. He was born and raised a Jew in Amsterdam. When WWII happened, he went into hiding but was captured and became a prisoner of war. He was able to escape and not knowing what to do next-he made his way to England and signed with the Royal Air Force.

He flew with them and unbelievably was the only survivor of a plane crash that killed all others aboard. About this time he learned that his parents had been killed upon arrival at Auschwitz. They never had a chance. After the war he immigrated alone to the US to begin a new life.

I always wanted some sort of symbol to represent the struggles he had and the life he felt he had to hide for the majority of his life. He truly was a hero that I never got to celebrate.

When the charm collection came out, I saw this Strength charm and literally cried, I felt like it was made just for me. It perfectly embodies my dad. My daughter surprised me with it for Mother's Day and I've never felt more loved. I also feel closer to my Dad, the hero and the survivor.


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