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I actually had three keys.

One for Courage. This was to remind me that when faced with adversity I had the courage to get through. To remember to take a deep breath and remember to keep my eye on the lord. That through him all things are possible. Nothing comes into our lives by accident and one step at a time I am achieving my goals. I gave this to my daughter so she could look at the key and remember how smart and loving she is. To know in her stumbling she has the courage to face adversity head on.

The second key is given to a fellow nurse who is making changes in her world and following her dreams. She was given a key with the word Dream so that when she looks at this she remembers how hard she has worked to live her dream.

The third key is Believe. To remind me to believe in myself and what a smart beautiful person I am. Given a gift of sharing that with others, I passed this to a beautiful young women who needs to be reminded of the same. What a gift she is and how important she is first and for most to herself.


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