My Heart Is Beautiful

My Heart Is Beautiful

The past few years have been hard. I've had a lot of painful things transpire and have been dealing with acute anxiety from the chaos.

My word in 2015 was Brave. On Christmas my mom presented me with a silver key with the word “BRAVE”. 1 month prior, I found out that my brother and his girlfriend were naming my unborn nephew, Brave. I felt right in the moment that I should give my key to my brother's girlfriend, so after they left that evening I put it back in it’s bag and wrapped it for her. I had my first key for less than 24 hours. Ha.

I went up to my room, sat on my bed and plopped my bible into my lap. I asked God to please give me a new word for 2016. As I began flipping through, the word “heart” kept jumping off the pages at me. I knew that it was my new word and placed an order for a new key.

I wore my key almost daily and had beautiful moments with Jesus revealing new revelation to me about my spiritual heart. I found great comfort in digging deeper into God’s heart me. I began tending to wounds from my past that I had no idea how to approach before. As time passed, I felt God begin to tell me that he was going to show me things about not only my spiritual heart, but also my physical heart.

On April 29th I had a scare. My heart went into Atrial Fibrillation and I was rushed to the hospital. I have to say, it was on of the most scary days of my life. But, in the midst of the chaos my “HEART” key brought an element of calm in the storm. God wasn’t going to abandon me and he wasn’t going to let my heart stay sick. He had plans to heal it from the beginning.

The next few weeks were full of cardiology appointments. I even got to see and an ultra sound of my heart and hear it. This past week, after much testing, I was told by my cardiologist that my heart is “beautiful” and shows no signs of A-Fib!

Although it may seem small, that necklace with an engraved key brought me peace in the moments that I needed it most. Reminding me that God is intentional, faithful & healer.


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