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What Gives Me Hope

A few months ago, my dad found out that he had a half brother. I was fascinated by this, I had an uncle I didn't even know existed! What was he like? Would he want to meet me? I had so many questions.

My sister met him and about a month later my dad and I both met him (separately but within the same week). I was blown away just by meeting him and he told me he was okay with meeting us. He did say that it was overwhelming, but he was glad to meet us. Now, we meet once a month for lunch.

I gave him my giving key that I purchased a month ago. I picked the word hope and I often thought about what it means to be hopeful and what gives me hope. My uncle gives me hope that there are kind, generous, and awesome people out there, even when it seems like we often see or talk about the opposite. That's why I gave him my key.


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