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Work In Progress

I was given "Dream" from a friend towards the beginning of a my journey in Los Angeles. I was reaching the end of my 6 month trial basis and unsure if I should stay in LA or go home. She gave me "Dream" and told me to always believe in my God given dream and to always dream big. I still have the card she wrote when she gave me my Giving Key.

Fast forward a few years (I could never find an appropriate time to give it away), I had an old roommate leaving to go to Mercy Multiplied, a residential program dedicated to helping young women break free from life- controlling behaviors and situations. I was proud of her and wanted to encourage her. So, I passed on my necklace and told her the same thing I was told. I told her to dream big, to believe in those God given dreams, to know her dreams that once were broken or forgotten were actually not and they were being restored.

She held onto that necklace and 8 months later, emerged a new and changed person, truly believing she had God given dreams and started chasing them. She's a work in progress and knows that, but is refusing to give up or give in.


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