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Learn To Accept Myself

After having a low self-esteem & poor self-acceptance, I decided to purchase a key from The Giving Keys. The engravement I decided to get on a key was "SHINE." to help me learn how to stand out & accept myself. After 5-6 months of wearing the key everyday, I noticed that I have grown to embrace this word & it has changed me. 

After embracing the word & realizing that the key has helped me, I decided to pass it on. I had this incredibly talented friend who loved to perform, however he wasn't fully comfortable with himself or who he was. So, after realizing this, I decided to take the key which I had purchased & pass it onto him, because I knew it'll help him grow too. My friend has now flourished immensely, but there is still a long way to go & I have no doubt in my mind that the key will stay with him for a long time & will guide him on his path of self growth & progress.


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