Baby Steps

Last Christmas, I received a giving key with the word " motivate" on it from my sister; she thought I needed it and I did.

In Feb. 2016 I spent 10 days in rehab therapy after a week in the hospital. During my stay in rehab, I met a young woman (age 32) who is the daughter of one of our ushers at church. She'd had a stroke.

After that I saw her in church a couple times, then no more. 2 weeks ago, I asked her father how she was, and he told me she'd fallen and had to go to the hospital. She's OK, but has been crying that " I hate my life", etc. Her father told her she had to " take baby steps" to change it.

2 weeks ago I gave him my key to give to her, and explained why. I saw her this past Sunday in church. She's doing fine and is much happier. She love her "motivate" key and always has it on her. I guess the key helped her!