Taking My Fears Head On

I have social anxiety and so I got my key with the word FEARLESS on it to help remind me that I'm in control of my fears and the actions I take to face them.

After wearing it everyday for two whole years, I saw an enormous change in how I confronted my fears. Instead of running from them or letting them take me over, I took them head on. I realized that wearing the word fearless meant that I had no excuse to be afraid. Every time I got nervous, I remembered the word on my key and did my best to represent it. 

After three years, I will be taking this key with me to my freshman year of college. I am looking forward to having it with me as I am starting a new phase of my life. Now, for my first time away from home and everything and the person I've become attached to, I must be fearless and the key will be there to remind me. I am so very thankful for The Giving Keys as I've become an entirely new person over the past couple of years. I cannot wait to find the right person to give this gift to.