I Am Fearless

When I was eight I was diagnosed with an auto immune disorder meaning I had too many white blood cells. Jump into the future three years and I got very sick. My pediatrician miss diagnosed me with Coxsackie. Instead I had vasculitis and was bleeding in my lungs. I was put on a ventilator and had to have a chest tube inserted twice. The first time I was sedated but the second time I was awake.

I was in the hospital and rehab for a total of 62 days and got home in time for Christmas. I also needed help with doing everything. I couldn't  even take the cap off a marker, and I needed to learn how to walk again and re-build muscle mass.

Now almost two years later, I'm a 13 year old girl that loves to cook and do crafts. My cousin bought me necklace from The Giving Keys that says fearless. I think it suits me very well.