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Dream Big...

Letting go and letting your child make big girl decisions can be gut wrenching. Driving away after moving you into your college dorm was one of the hardest things I've done as a mother. You are embarking on a big journey, into a world so different than when I was your age. Your wish is to to be a screenwriter or comedy writer in life... so foreign to me as a health care professional. You have always been an "old soul," which has been hard at times when trying to relate to those your age. But, you have always had a huge heart and wear it right on your sleeve. This causes you to be easily hurt at times. You have such a gift with speech and expressing your feelings in writing. I pass to you the key which has "dream" on one side, "independent" on the other. Never be afraid to be just who you are an independent thinker. My wish for you is to "dream" big, baby girl!! Don't let the hurts of the world cut too deeply in your beautiful "old soul." Use your gift of expression and writing to help others, whether it be screenwriting, comedy, or what else comes your way. Dream big baby doll and embrace the opportunities God gives you...



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