Stephanie is Strength

I received my key on Christmas of 2013, from my son and daughter-in-law with the word "strength." They told me it was because I was strong having gone through cancer. And I needed strength as my son was in Afghanistan and my daughter was a single mother with two children. 

I gave my key to a co-worker's daughter. She was born into a strict religious family and although religious herself, she chose to follow her heart instead of what she was told to do.

She lost her only brother in a car accident. Her father blamed her for his death because she was dating someone he did not approve of. She ended up marrying this man and was pregnant with twins. Her father showed up at work and told her he hoped she didn't have the children. She went into premature labor and lost one of the boys. The other child survived, but was in the hospital for almost a year. He has had a few health issues, but is a very handsome boy. He's about six years old now.

To me, Stephanie is a very strong young woman to go through what was put before her. The tension in the family, the loss of a brother and child, and she has come out stronger than ever. She supports causes for premature birth and her son is the poster child. She is Strength! I give my key to her.



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