A Dad Loved By All

I received a key that said "Saved" from my sister in law for Christmas. I knew this wasn't meant for me but had no idea who it would be for or how long I would have to wait to give it away. Not long at all.

My best friend lost her dad on December 20th (it was her best friend's dad who adopted her into his family during high school when her step-dad and biological dad were absent). He knew Jesus Christ as Lord and was an amazing and very renowned member of their community. He successfully ran one business and retired in his 30's. He got bored, bought another company, and made that into a multi-million dollar institution. He has 3 very successful daughters who were amazing athletes. He was known as the man who brought warm blankets and new clothes to a half way house's recovering young prostitutes and called each bagger at the grocery store by name. 

He struggled with chronic pain for over 35 years as well as deep family issues. He had struggled with alcohol addiction for over 10 years and gone through 3 bouts of rehab. He died on his birthday. Little did he know, that same day his long lost daughter returned home. His death has been the catalyst that is reuniting the family. There were over 400 people at his service who each gave testimony to what an amazing man he was. Everyone knew his laugh from a mile away. 

So in his death, he was saved by Jesus from eternal death, his family was saved and he was saved from the pain he battled physically, emotionally, and spiritually.



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