A Creative Spirit

I was at Fred Segal shopping for things I don't really need, scarfs, more shoes and leather bandeaus... From the $895 cashmere throws to the $400 knickers, Fred Segal is a mecca of fabulous and frivolous fancies. Nothing wrong with a little retail therapy, but wanted to provide context for the lovely surprise that was my giving key. 

Walking through the rooms of hand made candles and peasant hats, I entered the housewares room and imagined buying every piece of jewelry in the case. Unfortunately, I'm not stacked with cash, so I admired and made my way for the door. As I was about to leave, I noticed keys laying in the case; perhaps a half dozen laying side by side, all with different words on them. I was immediately curious and the staff quickly gave me the run down on how they are created and what they mean. 

I loved the idea of the marriage of old pieces being given a new life (one that will inspire) and the people it will touch, who also have a story and new life experiences ahead of them. So simple and deep and creative. 

I immediately thought of Katie, one of my besties, who is one of the kindest, goofiest, and creative people I know. She is without pretension, simply sophisticated, and always sending good energy out. She is a film and TV editor and ends up stuck in a room alone A LOT! I knew giving her the key would give her a kick of creativity when she needed it, and when she found a new home for the key, she would find someone equally as amazing. So I chose the key with CREATE written on it and it became her Christmas gift. 

She has altered my need for friends with a truly creative spirit. They don’t have to draw or paint or take pictures, just create in their own ways. Perhaps by creating a beautiful meal, or creating peace by suggesting we do some yoga together, or creating a home you feel safe in. I also have been inspired to be more creative and Katie is to blame. She is responsible for all this darn creativity... and for that, she is currently the bearer of one of the CREATE giving keys. Thank you for making this happen! 



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