Inspiration In The Trying

My story will not make you cry. It will probably not do more then make you nod and move on. My roommate has a passion for teaching. She wants to inspire others with her struggles, her hope and her courage. She has been a teacher overseas and found a great deal of joy in teaching and the relationships that she has established with her students. Recently she took her first steps towards her goal here. She has started substitute teaching.

This does not sound like much, after all subs just cover for real teachers, right? No. They still strive to inspire, they still try to bring knowledge, hope and growth to their students. To that end, I had an Inspire key just sitting around, waiting for the right person. Recently, I gave that key to her. She has worn it to her classes as a reminder that what she does is still important and she can still inspire her students. I am so proud of her and I hope that her key acts as a constant reminder to Inspire.