The Faith Of A Parent

For Christmas, I received a giving key that meant so much to me. It was from my son who lives in the Midwest. I live in the east and only see him a few times a year. Another reason it meant so much to me is that we've been through a lot of heartache the past few years and this key said faith, (which is the only thing that got us through), because of his addiction to drugs.

After receiving the key and realizing that it wasn't mine forever, I held on to it a lot when it was around my neck. I knew in my heart that I would know when it was the right time to "pass it on", but in my heart I hoped it would be years from now because it meant so much to me.

Well, on Feb. 6th after spending some time with a friend whose life is falling apart like mine had been due to the addictions of her child, I KNEW my key of Faith needed to be around her neck instead of mine...there were so many signs during our meeting that it was the right thing to do. When I explained what a giving key was and that I knew she was meant to have mine, she broke down and cried and held on to it as I had many nights.

I am going to a store called Philanthropy Cape when I travel next week to see my son in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. He bought my key there and I'm going to buy a few more. What that little key meant to me and now to my friend...Giving it to someone was one of the best moments in my life...

Thank You...

Jill Rosario

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