Creating Love

Some of the stories I read on here are super emotional and deep. They involve death, depression, illness and other things that quite frankly sound incredibly difficult. I'm happy those people have friends and loved ones that are there for them and thought to pass on a key.

My story isn't one of tragedy. Mine is of love and art. I fell in love with a woman about five years ago. We broke up but we never stopped loving each other. We live far apart, but our hearts remain within each other - she will always have mine.

I love her for countless reasons. She is an artist and that creativity is what drives her crazy whacked out mind in ways like no other. She is beautiful inside and out. She is happiest making art. Creating things. Surrounding herself with creativity.

I was in San Diego. We both love the coast and I thought about her often, especially as I watched the sun set over the ocean. I found these keys. I sent her CREATE. So many would apply but CREATE is what drives her and makes her happy. I wore it for just one day because I wanted her to have it so badly. Now I am wearing LOVE for her and I will pass it on when I'm finally back together with my artist.