Labor Of Love

My friend Melissa is a loving mother, amazing wife, talented artist, and very special to me; she is such a kind soul. My husband and I commissioned her to paint a painting for us and it took a year to do.

I know how much of her heart she put into this breathtaking project; a lot of blood, sweat and tears, and it is because of this that I wanted to give her a little something to help her put things into perspective when it gets too heavy. A GIVING KEYS bracelet was the perfect thing, hers says BREATHE, because sometimes that is all you need to help collect your thoughts and push through the funk.

This was a labour of love for Melissa, she told us that over the course of this adventure, she thought about painting over the whole thing 3 times and redoing it, but we are so glad that she didn’t and LOVE it just the way it is.

Being an artist can be very rewarding, empowering and enlightening, but it can also be very confining because you have so much that you just want to release all at once, and sometimes nothing comes out. Teddy and I are so very proud of Melissa and her work, and honoured that we now have a piece to call our own.

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