Finding Wholeness Again – The Giving Keys


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June 11, 2014

Finding Wholeness Again

On January 31st, I was raped for the second time in my very short life. I had been left hollow, shelled out and at my weakest point, when up until that moment, I was shining my absolute brightest. For weeks after it happened, I could hardly handle getting out of bed, let alone facing the world that continued to turn despite what felt like my life coming to a complete standstill. But then my sister reminded me that my backbone was still in tact, so long as I had the strength to lift my head every day. So I bought myself this giving key to remind myself that all I needed to feel whole again was my own resilience; that my power was not and could never be taken from me. I found the strength to report the violence that happened to me, and the courage to seek the justice I deserved. It has hung close to my heart for the last three months, its weight telling me that I am in control of myself again. I'm letting my key go tomorrow, as I'm giving it to the campus rape center that took me in, so that they can pass it on to the next survivor who is brave enough to take back control of their life, whoever they may be. I hope that it gives the same empowerment and peace of mind that it brought me, and that whoever might find it can find a way to be whole again.



  • You are so fortunate to have your sister to remind you of the strength you had within yourself. I am so much older than you are but we share the fact that something bad happened to us. For me, it was when I was 14. I did not have support from any member of my family nor did the hospital personnel show any compassion towards my cries. It has been 43 years since that day and I still thank God that my brain blocks out much of that day’s worst events and that I have only vague memories of the time before and afterwards. What I hope for you is this, that no matter what happens in your future, you do not allow this to change you for the worst because, somehow this event has a way of making its way back in our heads from time to time. Do not become fearful of people, do not become prejudiced against any certain people because of this, DO always be aware of you surroundings and remember everything the campus rape center told you. We were not lucky enough to have any type of support groups back in the early 70s and you are blessed to have on on campus. Just keep your strength and courage flowing each day. I read once that it is important to never allow one single hour or one single day to define us. Finally, I pray that you always remember to rise above this and somehow use it to be a better human spirit. I can tell you already are on your way and you are shining bright again!

    Sunny McClure on

  • I’m sitting here in my bed just crying…crying because I am so amazed at how awful this world can be and how amazing people are. Your story is so inspirational. I am only 17 and cannot even begin to imagine what I would do If that situation were to occur in my life. you took something aweful and made yourself better, stronger. And not only did you make your self a stronger, you inspired another girl just like you to become stinger and better themselves from such a traumatic situation. Thank you for inspiring me and I assume so many others. (:

    Shannon Doherty on

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