To Brighten Someone's Day

Yesterday I had to go to the hospital for a blood test, just to make sure the chemo wasn't too strong. So the first key went to a young lady named Ilene, now Ilene is almost always there when I'm there so it made sense to give her one. She is the sweetest person I have ever met and the smile on her face when I handed her the key was priceless. Then the second key went to Cameron, a young man battling bone cancer in his leg. And we figured out later that we go to the same High School!! he was so excited to receive his key, and couldn't wait to give it away!! And the last one I gave to Becky the Child Life Specialist, so she could give it to someone she felt needed it. Now the reason I didn't take pictures with Cameron or Ilene is because they had just received treatment, and it's hard to feel good or pretty after chemo. So I didn't want to make them uncomfortable, but below is a picture of me and my best friend Emma!!

Thank you again, doing things like this help me make something good out a horrible horrible thing. I can't wait to order my key, after I save up the money!! Thank you again so much for helping me make Ilene and Cameron's day a little brighter and their journey a little easier!!