Speak Up

Nope, it's not a story that's gonna make you cry.

I do hope it's a story the will inspire you to look at the ways you have and can create to take action, feel satiated, and share community.

It's been over a year since I received my key, in fact it could be nearly 2 years -- I'm not quite certain. I cannot find the submission where I wrote the Thank You to the person who gave it to me.

The Important Point? Today the key is going to a new home.

I've had a last minute opportunity to attend an event about 15 miles away that is based on Barter, Education and Community.

I needed something to barter for entrance and one of the items requested was: "blessings, spells, charms" -- and the key I'm giving is indeed all three.

It states, "Bully" on one side; and "Speak Up" on the other.

It was a blessing from a friend at the time. It was a spell to repeat to myself when my inner courage faded "Speak Up" "Speak Up" "Speak Up". It was a charm that I carried with me to remind me that bullies only have the power we give them, and that strength comes from listening to all the parts of yourself, acknowledging those parts, and taking action to transform things.

As such ... I hope this Giving Key continues to spread it's blessing, spell and charm.

I have no clue who will end up with it.

I do know the folks I'm giving it to are of like mind and spirit and it will wind up in hands that need it.

Thanks to my friend who shared, thanks to TheGivingKeys.com for maintaining this project, and thanks to the person who winds up with this key.

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