Spread Hope

A few days ago the giving keys posted "SPREAD HOPE." on instagram. I've had a key with the word 'hope' that I bought for myself in February.

She is battling a rare disease and is awaiting test results.

We have never met. Her close friends had organised a fundraiser quite a few months ago to help with her medical expenses, which is how I know of her. Two days ago, she suddenly came up in my mind. I sent her a message asking how she was doing and that I have been thinking about her.

When I read her reply I knew that I had to forward it to her. She said that she honestly believes that every happens for a reason and will be fine with whatever the outcome will be..... I believe wholeheartedly that nothing happens without a reason. I immediately asked her for her address and sent the key away the next morning. She received it today.
I am hoping that the key will be something for her to hold onto during difficult days. I thank God for putting her in my heart.

Everything does happens for a reason, and this was my chance to spread a little HOPE. Thank you to the giving keys for inspiring me to pay it forward.