Moments That Capture

Okay to start off, you're probably wondering, "Why in the world would this young girl get the word 'Candid' on her Giving Key?" Trust me, I wondered the same.
I remember sitting down thinking what word I would consider marking on my key. Several came to mind- love, hope, faith, fearless, etc. But I wanted something different. I wanted something that would stand out, something to make someone ask me why I had a key engraved with a particular word around my neck.
After giving up since I could not decide on a word, randomly I thought of 'Candid'. If you don't already know, a candid is a picture taken without someone's knowledge. They capture you in the midst of who you are without realizing it. You're probably still wondering why I would choose this word. Well here it is.
To me, when I wear this Giving Key engraved with this very special word around my neck, it is a reminder. Just like a candid, everyday people take a mental picture of you without you knowing. They take one look at you and describe you inside and out. How do I know? Because I do it. Everyone does it. This Giving Key is a reminder because everyday I want someone to look at me and see that I am smiling on my best days and of course, even my worst. This key is a reminder to smile and spread that smile to others wherever I go because so many have it worse. I am so blessed with this life God gave me.
You never know what someone may be going through. You may never know when someone is looking. So smile. Because smiles are so lovely and so very contagious. Let a heart full of love and a bright, big, and beautiful smile be seen when someone takes a candid of you.

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