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July 11, 2014

Time To Let Go

I found your giving keys in a basement store i like to frequent because of the uniqueness of their items.

I was taken immediately with this concept.

The last 8 years have been the hardest of my life.

My husbands colon cancer returned, my daughter went thru a traumatic divorce. Folks i thought were friends vowed to destroy my family, and came close to doing it. Were it not for the strong character of my husband and a loving and faithful God - it would have happened. My home flooded and my sweet son had a three story fall at work that almost took his life-and should have. My only grandchild was born at 27 weeks- 13 weeks premature. This is a sampling of the 8 years.

Now eight years after the "plagues" started my life has come back to center. God has restored. My daughter is married to wonderful Godly man, my granddaughter is a perfectly healthy beautiful 2 yr old. My son is married to a wonderful Godly woman. My husbands health has been restored. We are serving a wonderful church. Now it is time to Let Go. And with Gods help i have.

I will pass this on to a friend that needs to Let Go.



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