I Knew This Was Never My Key

I know this wonderful woman with a spectacularly beautiful soul and heart. She logged hundreds of service hours, took on several jobs, is always available for others, and interacts with life like every day is this beautiful adventure.

This last semester, as a college senior finishing a four year degree in three years, she continued to pour her heart and soul into everything she does. She doesn't know what the next chapter or year will bring, in part because she was so selflessly devoting her time to others, and in part because that's what being a college senior is sometimes.

I got my first giving key and thought about how I would meet this stranger and we'd talk and I'd know, just know, this person needed this key. I got my key and I knew this was never my key, it was hers.

I gave it to her today after she finished up the last of her job responsibilities and is finishing up classes preparing for graduation this Friday.

The message; carpe diem.