Believing In Times Of Loss

I live in a small community in northwestern Illinois. On Mothers Day my husband took me shopping at Von Maur and he purchased 2 of your necklaces. One for me for Mothers Day and another for a niece for her birthday. Unfortunately we walked out of the store without mine. Von Maur shipped it and I received it yesterday morning. I knew I would not have it for very long.

Two weeks ago, on a Friday night one of our local Sophomore boys hung himself. The entire community has been in shock and disbelief. We have all been touched by this event but even more so was one of my co-workers daughter, he was her boyfriend.

After 2 weeks of a leave of absence, my co-worker showed up yesterday. I simply took the necklace off my neck and placed it in her hands saying - "Your daughter needs this more than I". The necklace says "BELIEVE".

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to touch a young girl that has been through more than most of us could ever know.