Breathe Through Heartbreak

I received the Breathe key for Christmas 2013. The last few years at work and home have been rather hectic and one of my girlfriends knew it's what I needed. I often wondered how and when I would pass the key. I never imagined it would be to one of my dear friends.

On 20 May 2014 I was on travel with several co-workers who are also good friends. One of the ladies received a terrible message from home that day. Her husband of 31 years had died unexpectedly. She was 800 miles from home and family. She is a very strong, intelligent and caring person. In light of the tragic news she was more worried about her two daughters and grandchildren than she was herself. She made sure her daughters, mother-in-law and grandchildren were taken care of all while dealing with the shock of the loss of the love of her life. We were able to change plans and head home. The trip home took many hours and my heart broke for my friend. Her whole family greeted her upon her arrival home and she was surrounded by her loved ones. Although she was with 3 friends who care deeply about her I know the sight of her family brought her some peace. During the next few days her daughters rose to the occasion and took care of their mother the way she has taken care of them over the years. I know their dad would have been proud.

On May 24th we celebrated her husbands life and legacy. My friend stood strong for those around her and it was on that day I chose to pass the Breathe key. I know that it does little to soothe her broken heart but I can only hope in the days to come it will bring a small bit of comfort, help ease her pain and remind her to breathe. May God bless her and her loved ones.