Breathing Through Hard Times

I bought the BREATHE pendant for myself when I was in the lowest of lows. I'm a high school student who had one best friend, who moved one thousand miles away (we still talk(ed), but you can imagine the strain). Most of my life, my dad fooled me into thinking he was the best and my mom was evil, and my vision was flipped one night when my dad abandoned me to have a one night stand with a woman he met online. My mom and I never really talked for 16 years, since my dad pushed us apart, but she saw my hurt and reached out to me. We got close, but she was very close-minded and made me feel like my depression was "sinful" religious-wise. I started getting very bad anxiety attacks where it felt like my lungs were collapsing, and whenever it happened, I would hold the BREATHE key as hard as I could to get me through it. Whenever I felt the urge to tell my dad off, I would feel the key around my neck and be reminded to take a deep breath so as not to.

I left school for a semester since attending would result in a daily anxiety attack where I would leave class early in tears. I returned through online, which helped, but my grades still suffered and I didn't pass. I've since started counseling, and felt tremendously better, when I was informed that a student in my city committed suicide. I knew this girl's best friend from years past, so I wrote a letter and packed my key up in an envelope and hand delivered it to her house. I hope the key helps her as much as it helped me :)