Letting Go To Move Forward

LET GO...this is my story, me and my husband were in Las Vegas recently and came across these keys, i loved them but it looked like they were out of the one i wanted,so i was going to move on, well my husband asked a clerk if they had anymore and she took us to the others, i found one but it was a bit expensive, so my husband says hes buying it because its perfect for me and us and i need it, 8 months ago i was faced with some shattering news, something i felt i would never recover from, it brought to the surface many many painful memories, it broke me into a million pieces and i no longer wanted to live,i reached out to a suicide hotline and ended up talking to a girl for over 3 hours, and she made me see that i needed to decide what was worth living for, could i let go of the damage,the pain,the hurt and move on, could i learn to forgive,did i want to cause more pain, she made me see that what happened may have been devastating but it broke me from things in my past that i was able to release and let go, and that is how ive tried to live the past 8 months by letting go, and even though it has been the hardest thing i have ever had to do, it has changed my life for the better, i was able to save a 23 year marriage, and release the demons i have been holding onto from a past relationship that always held me back. so my husband saying i needed this necklace as a reminder to let go was spot on, it actually meant more to me than an expensive necklace he gave to me last year.