Sources of Comfort

My brother just passed away at the age of 34 unexpectedly due to a tragic accident he had at work. He was an electrician and unfortunately got electrocuted very badly and was not able to regain consciousness due to a significant amount of time with insignificant amounts of oxygen to the brain when the incident happened so we never got to say goodbye to him at all. He left behind two daughters (my nieces), one the age of 7 and one the age of 13. I received a giving key from Fab Fit Fun in their winter box. It was one that says courage on it and I have worn it occasionally but have also just held onto it. The other day I gave it to my seven year old niece and told her the story behind the giving keys, and told her why I'm giving it to her. I told her she can keep it for as long as she wants and can give it away whenever she wants as well. I also purchased one for my older niece when I came to your site the other day. I purchased for her the bracelet with strength on it. I hope that one day they can find comfort with these little pieces of jewelry and will be able to pass them on when needed as well. I am glad that I came to your website the other day because I did not know the story behind the giving keys. I think it is great that this is out there and the meaning behind them. Thank you.