Act Of True Kindness

I have had the hardest week. To start with I am so stressed that I got shingles and the pain itself made me feel weak. My stepson and I don't see eye to eye to everyone day life. (he's 15). It's hard when you are reminded everyday that I am not "Mom". My husband and I are at odds about the whole situation. My family is in Texas and have not one family member in the state of California.I feel lonely and homesick at times like this... I returned back to work and this very friendly person comes in with her items to purchase. I asked about her bracelet and she told me about 'the giving key' which sounded so amazing to me. I told her I would look at site and said our goodbyes. Before she left she shook my hand and gave me her name,Lisa. I thought what a wonderful person.she made my day with her kindness and then she returned and handed me a necklace with the word STRENGTH on the key and I thought wow I told her thank you. If she only knew this message is exactly what I needed and her kind heart means so much to me. Total stranger and just that act of true kindness is amazing.I can't wait to purchase one so that one day I may pass it on to someone who needs kindness and inspiration.