Restoring Strength

I bought a bangle with the key that said "Strength", I have always been a strong person, but lately in certain situations I have become weak and that is why I purchased the key. A few days later a friend of mine was up from FL and we got together for lunch. When I first met her, approximately 9 years ago, she was one of the strongest woman I knew. She feared nothing, she moved up to MA by herself for her husband, she was outgoing, outspoken and very independent. They moved to FL about 4-5 years ago, where her family is and built a beautiful life together with their two boys. She went to work one day and got stuck in an elevator in the building for a while and it was a traumatic experience for her. Ever since then she suffers from PTSD and has issues going to places that have a lot of people, she refuses to get in elevators and has lost her strength. I pray that the key helps her find her strength once again and starts to enjoy life again.

This idea of the giving key is amazing & I will definitely be spreading the word.
Thank you!