Give And Receive Gratefully

I got my Grace Giving Key in March 2014 from my husband. It was a birthday gift the he had hidden in the fridge so I would find it when I was making breakfast that morning. The minute I opened it I was already excited to pay it forward. But I kept it because I needed some Grace, and it reminded me of my husband's generosity. Then on June 6, 2014, I had plans to meet a friend from out of town for lunch. It was wonderful to see her. During our visit, she shared some sad news with me. As we discussed it, she continued to show unbelievable strength and determination to prevail over these circumstances. She had always supported me, so I wanted to support her. It didn't dawn in me to give her my Grace Key until we were saying goodbye, but right then, almost on instinct, I took my necklace off and explained to her what it meant. She immediately put it around her neck, her smile more radiant that it had been all day. It is my hope that if her strength ever wears thin, she can turn to the Grace Key and know that she is surrounded by support. Thank you for giving my husband, my friend, and me the opportunity to give and receive gracefully.