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The Importance Of Tears

I'm not much of a jewelry person, however I love pieces which hold true significance, a story, or insightful energy. It was bittersweet buying my "GRATEFUL" Giving Key necklace on a very ordinary afternoon in 2011, after learning the ultimate purpose and intention in buying the necklace was to eventually give it away and blog about whom we decided to bestow it upon when it was time. As an only child, never having had to share her toys growing up, this was the first time I felt a sense of loss, before I ever felt a sense in ownership. That in and of itself was a marvelous insight I still hold dear. Realistically, I knew I could hold onto my Key forever, but then I wouldn't be following the rules, or giving myself the opportunity to tell this story.

Despite my reluctance to give this powerful piece of energetic jewelry away, I realized several weeks ago, my Key was destined to be passed along to my Mother. I've seen my Mom cry about as many times as I've won the lottery...NONE. But when we learned of the unexpected deteriorating health of my Grandmother, I found myself being granted the rare and important opportunity to watch my Mother start to unravel, sink down, weep and silently pray for a true miracle, that would spare her the loss of her Mother, her true hero and very dear friend. My Grandmother, to whom I was also incredibly close, passed away earlier this month, just weeks before my Mother's Sixty-First birthday. I would never and could never subtract the pain, sadness and longing my Mother feels. I can only provide additive forms of love, compassion and belonging. This is where my Giving Key has proved its utmost significance and immeasurable value. This is where I give it away, and this is where I celebrate my Mother, her birthday, our relationship and gratitude for God, the Universe, and all those whom have gone before me. Happy Birthday, Mommy. I love you forever and I'll like you for always...

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