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What We Call Living

I chose to give my Strength Key to a family member. A family member whom lost her best friend a few weeks ago. Her mother. A friend, whom she had lived with for 30 + years and shared everything. Shared the responsibility of raising for 4 children, Car pools, Ball Games, Overnight stays, Competitions and life in general. Growing up and living in a small town, in Northern Kentucky isn’t “Treasure Island” by no means. You have to drive an hour one way, to reach the city for employment. As they both worked as well. Her mother was the care taker of the family for several years while she worked. Once in the city, she sometimes worked 2 and 3 jobs to support the family financially. A 40 hour a week job, plus, Concession Stands at the Great American Ball Park. Long days but thankful she could at least enjoy watching her Bengals and Reds play. Having said all that, as part of life. The rolls and responsibility flip. She suddenly found herself as the care taker. Through several trips to Doctors, hospitals and major operations over the last few years. They still found Strength to “Live, Laugh and Love”. Hearts filled with so much happiness shared, comes to a close and loneliness creeps in. With the passing of her mother, the day before her 75 Birthday. I chose to give my key to her, to give her Strength to get through these tough, emotional times. Which we call “living”. When the time is right, and she finds someone in need, more than she. The passing of the Key, it will be…

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