All The Love

I received a key with the word "love" from my daughter on her wedding day. It was her gift to me as a way to express her gratitude for a parent's love and support. She had chosen to have her wedding in the home town of my brother and sister, and the wedding was small, intimate, and beautiful. My brother, who has battled addiction for many years, had worked tirelessly to build, my daughter the most beautiful wedding arbor made from native Louisiana trees and materials---- just as she wanted. Before, during, and after the wedding, my brother remained strong, sober, kind, and genuine as he participated in the happiest time our family had shared in a very long time. He knows that every day is an opportunity to better his life..... this after months of living on the street as a homeless person with little hope, little stamina, poor health, and severe depression. With the grace of God, he pulled himself out of this dire situation and has given back his love to all of us. To honor his valor, strength, determination, conviction, and perseverance, I am paying it forward to him with all of the love my heart can muster!