Never Give Up Hope

I saw the Giving Key's story on TV and ordered two keys. I just recently moved back to Denver from Providence, RI to be closer to my family and my 25 year old son. Unfortunately my return has only created more distance between us and we had a falling out on Mother's Day, which coincidentally is my birthday as well. I thought I would be giving the key away to one of my staff members who has had a bad time of it, raising 3 kids at 27 yrs old, being unemployed and then his wife had to have surgery and he had to leave our project. But I didn't get a chance to give it to him upon his departure. So over the past several weeks if I wasn't working, I was reclusive and never left my house. But I prayed and prayed for hope and to reconnect with my son. Last night the opportunity presented itself and we will be having dinner this weekend to try to figure out how to proceed.

One of my other staff members is a Mentor to 3 levels of at risk kids in Houston. He missed a meeting due to one of his kids graduations was that day and his Mother feigned forgetfulness and didn't show up so this great man made sure someone was there for this child. I asked this man if he could please pass along the Giving Key to someone he helps that may need a little hope in their life. He cried and said he knew exactly the person to give it to. He will then share his story with you as well.

It just shows you should never, ever give up Hope. Sometimes that may be all that you have left to hold on to. Fortunately things change, life keeps moving and other opportunities present themselves. Just don't give up that Hope or you won't see what's around the next corner. Eventually the sun will shine again! Don't give up!
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