Sickness Doesn't Have Her

2004 my youngest daughter was diagnosed with MS (MS doesn't have her) it was a very hard journey but she's back on her feet do'n well. She's works at St. Luke's Hospital in the Heart Institute, married for 16yrs has an 18 y/o Son who jus graduated from HS& is now go'n2 School2 get her nursing degree (RN) She's always there4 me we lost her dad May 1991 she keeps me encourage'n &others2 stand strong& faith in GOD. She represents "strength&believe" which is what the Giving Key said. She struggles sometimes& get discouraged work'n 12hrs shifts& school so I thought every time she would look at that key it would represent 2keep move'n 4ward which is what she doesn4 me, her Mom!