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The Key Has Found A Perfect Home

Nothing to cry about here. Just a joy. My "Inspire" key was given to me by our middle daughter who we affectionately call the blonde bomber because she is the only visually apparent recessive gene in our dark hair/dark eyed family. Maribeth holds a heart of gold and cares so much for others. Unfortunately, at 12 year of age, she was stricken with a chronic viral disease that has the power of keeping her in bed for weeks at a time. Now at age 34 years, she shared that I have been her inspiration and presented me with the key. That was several months ago and it is now time for me to pass it on...
Michele, our youth pastor, is the perfect person to wear the "Inspire" key around her neck. She has brought life into our church, she has brought young people to Christ, she has led mission trips, organized Vacation Bible Schools, directed countless Bible studies, and the list goes on and on. She has devoted her life to inspiring young people. Therefore, the key has found a perfect home...or at least for awhile. Blessings to all!

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