I Am Truly Grateful

When I ordered my GRATEFUL key little did I know that I would be giving it to a complete stranger. As part of my family I have 2 birds and 2 dogs - but really wish I could live on a farm surrounded by all kinds of animals. My 10 year old cockatiel Louie got out of her cage one warm summer day and flew away and into the woods. I was heartbroken as Louie is blind in one eye and I feared for the worst for her. I searched for 10 days with no luck. Then on the 10th day as I was driving down the street I saw a sign taped to the stop sign. FOUND COCKATEIL! Yes, I called the phone number on the sign and as soon as Michelle heard my voice she said I HAVE YOUR BIRD!! Louie had flown 2 miles on to the front lawn of a beautiful person named Michelle. Michelle found Louie , got her a cage, had her wings clipped, fed her and took such great care of her. Michelle posted on Facebook ( which I do not use) and planted signs around the neighborhood in the hope of finding me. I now have Louie back home and I'm so grateful to Michelle that I knew it was meant for me to give her my GRATEFUL key. Michelle is truly a beautiful person who went all out to help a little bird, and to find me. I am truly grateful.