More Than Worth It To Give

Moving to a new city is difficult - especially when you don't know anyone. Through random events and mutual friends, I became friends with a girl who made my new city feel like home. We were both newbies and had so much fun exploring the city and eating lots and lots and lots of good food!

I don't know about you, but I always feel the most comfortable when I have that one close girlfriend who I can be my complete self with. I don't have to perform, entertain, or think about what I'm going to say before I say it (which of course led to many late nights filled with laughter) when we're together.

Fast forward a year later, when she told me she was moving back home with her family. "Devastated" is too dramatic of a word, but it definitely threw me for a loop. After hearing her thought process behind the decision, I knew that it wasn't a fluke thing. It seemed very much in line with her heart and her vision for her future. Now that I wasn't sad for her, I was sad for me! Haha I was sad to be losing someone with whom I had grown so much.

On one of our last nights together, we were sitting in my living room reflecting on the past year we'd spent in this city. She began to open up about some of her deepest life fears that she struggled with. While I was listening to her share her heart, I had this feeling that I should give her my Giving Key necklace, which said FEARLESS on it. I struggled for a minute because I had only had my necklace for about a month and I loved it!!! But I knew I had to do it, so I did. I told her I wanted her to have it because I wanted her to always be reminded that she doesn't have to live in bondage to her fears. She is free to live and love fearlessly, no matter what life throws her way.

Yes, I am a little bummed that I only had a few short weeks with my super cute necklace, but I know it was MORE than worth it to give it to my dear friend who needed the sweet reminder so much more than I did.

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